Common Rose Problems

Professor Windham is a renowned entomologist and rosarian at the University of Tennessee. Click below for his rose disease pictorial.                websiteRoseDiseasesWindham

When should I prune my roses?

Prune in March when the forsythia bloom. Cut out any dead, diseased, or decaying canes. Also cut any limbs that are smaller than a pencil.
Exceptions: Climbing roses are pruned differently. Cut away any dead, diseased, or decaying canes. Leave about 3 or 4 long canes. They will bear flowers.

Why don’t I have more rose blooms on my rose?

Your rose may not be getting enough sunlight. It needs 6 hours of full sun to be most floriferous.



Bugs and Bummers
1. In the springtime you may want to spray a fungicide in early Spring. Once you see blackspot, for example, it is probably too late that season.
2. Got midge? Apply a granular insecticide, such as Spectracide Plus or Bayer Complete, in very early spring when the ground temperature is 42 degrees or so.
3. In June you may see spider webs on your roses. You can thoroughly spray your roses with hose water in the morning or use a miticide such as Floramite or Forbid. (Spiders are not insects.)

1. Roses are heavy feeders and drinkers. In March apply an organic food such as Espoma Rose Tone, along with a Miracle Grow 10-10-10 chemical food, when the soil is wet. Add another round of fertilizer in June, again when the soil is wet.
2. In the hot months of July and August you will often need additional water—at least 1″ a week—a good long soak deep to the roots.