Join us Sunday, December 10th for our Holiday Meeting, Cookie Exchange, and Program by Vince Morocco at the Morris Arboretum 1:30 to 3:30 PM.

Come have fun and enjoy an afternoon with your rose
friends. We will have a program by Vince Morocco on
his trip overseas to collect rose hips in the Republic of
Georgia. We will have our annual gift exchange. Bring
a wrapped gift preferably rose related and
inexpensive. It can be new, something you won, never
used, or something funny. The person drawing the first
number will pick a present. The next person can pick a
wrapped present or one that someone has already
opened. It can get quite interesting if there is something
that a lot of people like. We have seen 7 or 8 people
with the same gift. Also, we will have our cookie
exchange. Bring half a dozen to share and eat there and
half a dozen for someone to take home. This will be the
last chance to see your rose friends until the Rose
Getaway or our March meeting