Good Rose Suppliers

By Bill Kozemchak

Below is a list of rose suppliers that I have either used or heard good recommendations from other rose growers. Updated 04/16/2022


Own-Root Rose Suppliers-

Roses Unlimited, Laurens, SC – 864 – 682 – 7673

Heirloom Roses, St. Paul, Oregon – 503 538-1576

High Country Roses, Jensen, Utah – 1-800-552-2082

Chamblee’s Rose Nursery, Tyler, TX – 800-256-7673

Angel Gardens, Alachua, Florida- 352-359-1133


Grafted Rose Suppliers-

Rosemania, Franklin, TN (Please note that they no longer sell roses. However, they supply many rose growing aids, chemicals, fertilizers, tools, etc.) – 888-600-9665

Palatine Roses, Ontario Canada (Multiflora rootstock) – 905 468 – 8627

Edmunds Roses (Owned by Jung Seed) – 1.888.481.7673

Regan Nursery, Fremont, CA – 510-797-3222


Miniature Rose Suppliers-

John’s Miniature Roses, St. Paul, Oregon (Owned by Heirloom Roses) – 503 538-1576

For Love of Roses/ Wells Mid South Roses, Brighton, TN 38011- 330-360-8510 


Finding and Identifying Roses-





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